Automated Website Testing

The University’s supported Site Builder (Drupal) platform offers real-time checking and guidance to editors to help them identify and correct common content accessibility barriers before pages are published, such as:                                            

  • Alternative text for images                
  • Captions and transcripts                    
  • Proper formatting                  
  • Descriptive links                     
  • PDFs

This tool works well for catching straightforward issues, but for a more robust automated test, staff members are encouraged to use DubBot.

Getting Started with DubBot

DubBot is Princeton's automated website testing tool that checks the University's public-facing websites for accessibility, usability, and web governance issues. This tool helps website managers, developers, and content editors catch blockers that could prevent people with disabilities from accessing website content.

Staff can learn how to use DubBot by taking a self-service Canvas course. The entire course can be completed in under 30 minutes. Details below.

Screenshot of the DubBot Dashboard.

The DubBot Setup 3 Step Process

1. Request DubBot Login

Click the Request a Login button on the left to request a DubBot login. Please complete the fields on the form as follows:

  • Topic: check Request DubBot login(s)
  • Email: please use [email protected] (not your alias email).
  • URL(s): list your URL(s), separated by comma if multiple.
  • User Emails: include emails of additional users on your team.
  • Additional users will be added to all sites listed under URL(s). If users only need access to certain sites in DubBot, indicate that in the Details field.

If you have questions about completing this form, or DubBot setup, please reach out to [email protected].

2. Enroll in DubBot Course

You do not need your DubBot login to take the course. You can take the course at any time. 

Click the Enroll in DubBot Course button to get started. If you are routed to Princeton's Canvas page, log in to Canvas with your Princeton NetID and you'll be asked if you want to self enroll in the course. After you enroll, you'll be taken to the Canvas Dashboard where you can access the course "How to Use DubBot."

This course takes less than 30 minutes. You can pause and return to the course at any time.

3. Log in to DubBot

Now that you've completed the DubBot course, you are ready to log in and view your Dashboard!

Remember, the Digital Accessibility Team is here to help if you have any question about DubBot or remediation. You can also consider taking one of our upcoming classes to learn more about digital accessibility.

DubBot User Guides

After you've taken the DubBot course, you can refer back to our DubBot User Guides.