Accessibility Certified Staff

Kudos to Princeton staff who have earned professional certification in accessibility through the International Association of Accessibility Professionals, and to those who have passed Princeton's own IT accessibility testing exam.

The University's accessibility certification training programs develop staff awareness and competence in disability and accessibility so that IT and campus resources become increasingly accessible and welcoming to people with disabilities.

Staff who earn certification become part of Princeton's community of disability allies, and have regular opportunities to further their professional development and gather for events.



Kristian Kauker
Audio and Video Services, University Services
Assistant Manager of Logistics & Customer Service

After working with bringing accessibility to my local community theatre group, I’ve been wanting to learn more, not only about accessibility, but to also take steps into learning more details about what it means to those who require access and the laws.  In one way or another, accessibility affects us all.  Being able to bring new knowledge to my work at Princeton will help me see the campus, the buildings, the classrooms, the technology, and the social aspect of campus life in a new way.  Through the CPACC Certificate program, I’ve gained more in-depth knowledge about accessibility, how it impacts those who may require accessibility, how it can impact all of society and how it can change the world.  I hope to be able to bring the new knowledge to my work at Princeton and also outside of Princeton.

Justin Kazlauskas
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Departmental Computer Support Specialist

Being an A11y and a CPACC means ensuring that the idea of open and effective communication is applied fairly to every possible person(s). Accessibility should not mean tailoring an experience to one group, but making every possible experience available to all groups.

Joseph Keane
Office of Research and Project Administration
Application Delivery Specialist

Accessibility to me means eliminating barriers and providing an all-inclusive environment. Allowing people to contribute to the benefit of society!

Andrei Khalipau
Office of Information Technology
Senior Web Developer
Jeffrey Kontio
Department of Politics
Technical Support Manager

I believe, to my core, in the concepts of diversity, inclusion, and equity. Often times we inadvertently put up barriers that dissuade or block access to spaces in the digital, mental, and physical realm.  It is with this certification that I enlighten, strengthen, and display my dedication to ensure that items that have my fingerprints or input inject the core concepts of accessibility; affording everyone the chance to participate equally and freely.

Charlie Kreitzberg
Office of Information Technology
Senior User Experience Advisor