Accessibility Certified Staff

Kudos to Princeton staff who have earned professional certification in accessibility through the International Association of Accessibility Professionals, and to those who have passed Princeton's own IT accessibility testing exam.

The University's accessibility certification training programs develop staff awareness and competence in disability and accessibility so that IT and campus resources become increasingly accessible and welcoming to people with disabilities.

Staff who earn certification become part of Princeton's community of disability allies, and have regular opportunities to further their professional development and gather for events.



Laura Hahn
Princeton University Art Museum
Manager of Special Projects and Strategic Initiatives
Rodney Hargis
Office of Information Technology
Senior Support and Training Analyst, Learning Management Systems
Lingyan He
Office of Information Technology
Web Designer / Front-End Themer

Accessibility is important to me because it removes barriers to a site’s content and makes it available to everyone. A more inclusive website means that it has a wider reach and respects the diversity of its users. It is a unique technical requirement in that it not only benefits a particular website experience, but benefits society as a whole.

John Hewins
Office of Undergraduate Admission
Technical, Office Support

Technology increasingly touches everyone’s lives and having access to it is a fundamental necessity.  This is a unique chance to improve that accessibility to some while improving the user experience for others.

Tim Hogan
Office of Information Technology
Senior Manager, Custom Solutions and Integration
Wanda Holovacs
McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning
Program Coordinator

The CPACC certification is the perfect addition to my skill set and will allow me to play a key role in ensuring that the digital and physical worlds are barrier-free and accessible to all. I look forward to serve as an accessibility liaison within the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning.

At the McGraw Center, we support faculty members and instructors as they advance as teachers, graduate students as they begin their teaching practice and progress as teachers and professionals, and undergraduates as they develop as learners and scholars. We are committed to ensuring that our digital resources are accessible in teaching, research, and learning.

Matt Hood
Office of Information Technology
Senior Developer