Accessibility Certified Staff

Kudos to Princeton staff who have earned professional certification in accessibility through the International Association of Accessibility Professionals, and to those who have passed Princeton's own IT accessibility testing exam.

The University's accessibility certification training programs develop staff awareness and competence in disability and accessibility so that IT and campus resources become increasingly accessible and welcoming to people with disabilities.

Staff who earn certification become part of Princeton's community of disability allies, and have regular opportunities to further their professional development and gather for events.



Vito Badalamenti
Office of Information Technology
Application Integration Lead
Charles Bentler
Office of Information Technology
Lead OnBase Developer
Katie Bertel
McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning
Senior Instructional Designer
Michael Bino
Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering
Manager of Information Technology

Advancing the cause of accessibility gives rise to innovation. It challenges us to bring a critical perspective to information communication technology (ICT) and create new, more inclusive designs and implementations that respect the diversity of human experience.

Sherrie Borowsky
Human Resources
Manager, Faculty & Staff Accommodations
Angela Brady-Kehm
Office of Information Technology
Senior ITSM Process Analyst
Rachel Busnardo
Office of Information Technology
Training and Outreach Program Manager for Digital Accessibility

We all create digital environments and materials every day. It could be something as simple as an email, or as robust as an online course. We are creators! It’s what we do. When we work hard to craft content, we want it to be accessible to everyone. The CPACC helps highlight barriers to access that may otherwise go unnoticed to creators. With the knowledge I’ve gained from the CPACC certification, I can not only help break down those barriers, but help educate others as well. This certification helps me be a better creator and accessibility ambassador.

Thomas Byrne
Office of Information Technology
Technical Support Specialist Team Lead

All people should be given an opportunity to participate and contribute to society in any way they see fit.  Giving them the needed tools is a benefit which far outweighs any short term expense.  Getting a CPACC certification is allowing me to contribute to that in my own small way.